Self Assessment

Self Assessment applies to everyone who gets a tax return. This includes everyone who is self-employed, a partner in a business, a company director and even someone who rents out a property.

If you are in business, you must send in a tax return each year showing details of your income, gains, reliefs and allowances.

If you are self-employed or in a partnership, finding the time to manage your own accounts and prepare your own tax return is difficult. For instance, if you are in the building, construction or maintenance trade, you will likely spend all day working on site meaning that your evenings are taken up with submitting quotes and responding to enquiries.

Clarkson Accountancy can assist you in both preparing and submitting your Self Assessment return to meet HM Revenue & Customs’ critical submission dates and thus avoid interest charges, late payment surcharges and penalties. Because we understand just how busy business can be, we offer a range of fixed price fees for tax return processing, depending on your circumstances and requirements. We can also provide a home visit service to collect paperwork for tax return completion this means that you can avoid the stresses of looming deadlines and concentrate on running your business. Simply leave the rest to us.